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AnJen Global Broadband is a full service, technology consulting firm specializing in Cable TV and Wireless technologies, providing high-speed Internet access, telephony and video. Business analysis, early planning, system design, vendor evaluation, bill of materials, capital analysis, budgeting, systems integration, project management, site acquisition, variances, permitting, construction/build out, continued technical support, all services offered. AnJen is a full turn-key service company.

AnJen in the News

AnJen Global Broadband Engaged For Engineering with Rioplex Wireless

January 29, 2003

AnJen to provide System Engineering, Integration and Project Management of the largest commercial implementation of Next-Generation, Non-Line of Site, Wireless High Speed Internet Access and Toll Quality Voice Platforms

DALLAS, Texas — January 29, 2003 — Rioplex Wireless, has announced that it has signed a contract with AnJen Global Broadband to design, integrate and support Rioplex’s new, multi-cell, high speed internet access platform to be initially deployed in South Texas. The company will also offer toll quality telephony to its customers. The network was built using state of the art Non-Line-of-Site (NLOS) wireless broadband technology from Navini Networks.

“AnJen will assist us in developing a plan to deploy our network including the use of NLOS equipment. The second generation 2.6 GHz equipment will eliminate the majority of professional installs and thus allow us to make positive EBITDA and ultimately positive cash flow faster than ever thought possible,” said Othel E. Brand, Jr., president and CEO of Rioplex Wireless. “AnJen’s unique expertise in the industry will provide total turn-key services in launching and supporting our system.”

“We are excited to have been chosen and involved in the build out of one of the country’s most advanced and largest broadband wireless system. We have been involved with this project from the early planning stages through what is now the construction phase. It is exciting to have this technology that performs to this extent,” said Chris Dailledouze with AnJen. “We are anxious to now showcase this platform and take a solid position within the industry. We believe this deployment will pave the way for investors to get back into the industry.” 

AnJen Global Broadband Signs Engineering Contract With Clearwire Technologies

October 12, 2001


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