AnJen Global Broadband

Technology Platform Installation

AnJen Global Broadband is a full service, technology consulting firm specializing in Cable TV and Wireless technologies, providing high-speed Internet access, telephony and video. Business analysis, early planning, system design, vendor evaluation, bill of materials, capital analysis, budgeting, systems integration, project management, site acquisition, variances, permitting, construction/build out, continued technical support, all services offered. AnJen is a full turn-key service company.


As your exclusive Engineering Firm, AnJen can provide fully equipped engineers including test gear, vehicles, equipment, tools, insurance as well as the experience and expertise to complete all aspects of your projects.  

Full Turn Key Project Management

We provide full turn key in projects in developing Telecom Systems for sub divisions, apartment complexes, any Multi Dwelling development that is in need of technology services. This undertaking includes and not limited to, early planning, system walkout/mapping, design, bill of materials, capital analysis, budget planning, vendor evaluation, systems integration, platform construction, project management and continued support.  

Turn Around

AnJen has an extensive background in consulting technical operation turnarounds.  Many companies have utilized our services with success in each case.  Companies have been diagnosed and turned into better operating technical operations with our assistance.  A process that includes and is not limited to; preliminary evaluation, problem identification, problem procedural improvement along with documentation, implementation and ongoing support.

We specialize in full turnkey projects from early planning, capital analysis, budgeting, easements, right-of-ways, crossings, land acquisition, site leases, system design, bill of materials, inventory control, vendor evulations, systems integration, technical build out and as mentioned above continued ongoing support.

Vendor Evaluation

AnJen can assist in your vendor selection process. Experienced with a number of years in the selection for a two way Voice/Data platform. AnJen brings the ability to Test, Evaluate and Negotiate for equipment required to build out your systems. We have been operating Video for more than 30 years and Data Internet Access/Voice platforms for more than 25 years.

Other Services

  • Backbone Design to POP

  • Backhaul Design to Hub

  • System Integration

  • System Build Out 

  • Network Management

  • Subscriber Acquisition

  • Installations

  • System Personnel Training

  • Full Turn-Key Project Management

  • Site Acquisition, permitting and zoning.

  • Spectrum Planning and Acquisition

  • Vendor Selection

  • Consortium Negotiations 

  • Pre Model Assumption Process

  • Capacity Modeling 

  • Coverage Modeling

  • System Design

  • Licensing Efforts

  • NOC Design

  • Data Center Design